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Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 жилет с подушкой безопасности

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Категории: Air Bag

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The new generation of autonomous, electronic airbag systems! With Tech-Air 5, Alpinstars launches a slim, self-contained airbag vest that can be worn under any well-fitting textile jacket or even a Tech-Air compatible jacket, providing unsurpassed protection for the upper body and ensuring the safety of motorcyclists by covering the shoulders, chest, ribs and the entire back of the rider in a unique way.

Unsurpassed inflatable upper body protection for back, shoulders, kidney area, chest and upper abdomen

  • most comprehensive coverage of all airbags currently available
  • active electronic system with six integrated sensors (3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers)
  • intelligent crash detection algorithm
  • Driving data from millions of kilometres and thousands of accidents were analysed
  • maximum inflation time of 40 ms
  • Reduction of the impact force by up to 95% compared to a passive protector
  • The Tech-Air 5 Airbag System offers the same protection as 18 CE Level 1 back protectors
  • easy handling: close the zipper and magnetic flap and the system starts
  • LED display shows the operating status of the airbag
  • integrated, certified lithium-ion battery has a battery life of 30 hours driving time
  • The system is equipped with a magnetic micro USB charger: fast - easy - convenient charging
  • Tech-Air 5 has a Bluetooth connection and an accompanying app that displays the operating and battery status of the system and a detailed analysis of the journey via the driver's phone
  • The firmware of the system can also be updated directly via the app
  • The design and manufacture of Tech-Air is certified to the Pyrotechnic Articles Directive 2007/23/EC, which guarantees construction in conformity with the pyrotechnic handling and safety regulations. This means that the system can be transported safely and legally by car, ship, train and air


  • Outer shell: Material mix: 100% polyamide, 100% polyester, 100% elastane
  • Mesh lining, 100% polyester


The Tech-Air 5 Portable Vest is designed to be worn under any well-fitting textile jacket, bearing in mind that the jacket must be large enough to accommodate the expansion of the airbag in the event of an accident. For textile jackets, this requires an additional 4 cm of space around the circumference of the body. For drivers who wish to wear a sports leather jacket, Tech-Air 5 can also be worn with Tech-Air compatible leather jackets that have built-in leather expansion panels to allow for airbag inflation.

Riders who wish to wear a leather jacket that is not Tech-Air compatible must ensure that the leather jacket has an additional 4 cm of space around the circumference of the entire chest.

Good to know:

  • after the release the vest has to be sent in, because only trained personnel is allowed to repair the gas cartridges - Full Service 299,95 EUR
  • every two years the vest can be sent in for maintenance, this extends the warranty for another two years (maximum 10 years possible) - maintenance service 99,95 EUR

Warning: These vests must not be used by persons wearing pacemakers or other electronic medical devices. Remember that there are magnets inside the activation tab.


Размер XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


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